Most business owners or investors spend most of their time focused on building websites, checking their pricing or branding their image. This is not wrong because it is essential as well. The only problem with this is that you end up spending most of your precious time on it and miss out on the more straightforward and fulfilling ways of getting the attention of potential clients.

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The more straightforward approach towards getting real estate deals online is making sure that your potential customers know who you are, what you offer and making them see that they can trust you completely.

The first principle is getting potential customers to know you exist.

The first thing you should put in mind is that no one trusts you without knowing you. Adopting empathy will enable you to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. Assume you want to sell or buy a property. Perhaps you would go online and search for solutions. Your potential customers would also seek answers from internet sources. You will need to pay for your site to be well ranked on these search engines or Ads on Google for them to see.

You should also contact your previous clients, interview them and try to find out what they did when they were looking for properties to buy/sell. Establish where they looked and where they went to look for solutions. This will help you to put your business on those sites and ensure that you are available in all the places that potential customers will be looking for.

When potential customers find you, tell them what you do and explain to them the process in detail. Give them information on how to contact you and create an opportunity for them to ask any questions.

Secondly, get your potential customers to trust you

 When potential customers believe you, they will call you to go check out their property and make an offer. Most businesses nowadays are focused on sales and getting more listings and forget to build the trust of their potential customers.

You can build trust by putting previous customer’s reviews on your site, having quality and honest answers for your audience and giving them an opportunity to decide if you are right for them. Your website should also include an introductory video of you and your team and describing the services you do. Also, be compassionate and bear with them while answering all their questions.

These two principles work hand in hand. When you ask your previous clients about where they go to sell/buy their properties. They tell you they went to Google. You decide to be on Google, and you even build a website. Customers will know about you through checking your site. Know that they already know you proceed to make sure that they trust you. On your website, you describe your clientele, your processes, answer their questions, make reviews and provide your contact information. Now they will trust and identify with you.

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. Solving a problem is as easy as finding out where people go to find solutions and putting yourself before them to offer these solutions. Giving them the tools to trust you will provide you with an opportunity for them to work with you and grow your business.

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