If you are a tenant, you can testify that most of the problems that you face are universal. Renting out a place to live comes with various compromises since you are likely to not like one or two things about your apartment/house. Trying to change them can put you in trouble with your landlord/agent.

Here are some of the challenges those tenants’ faces

Noisy neighbors

There is always that neighbour who is annoying. He/she is either still playing loud music or having parties all the time. If you or have pets that tend to be picky sleepers, they will be restless all the time making your life a nightmare. Try talking to the neighbour and get them to listen to your concerns. If this persists, you can purchase a white noise machine to soundproof your house.

Plumbing disasters

When living as a tenant, you have to take care of the plumbing system. You should avoid flushing down diapers, paper towels or feminine products. An unavoidable plumbing emergency is reported to the landlord who is supposed to send someone over to fix the problem. Before contacting the landlord check your contract to ensure if it is his duty or not.

Pest infestation

Pests are likely to hide in your drainage system, kitchen counters or the bed. Regular cleaning will keep the pests away. If you spot pests in your house, you can use some of the do I yourself methods such as using apple cider vinegar on flies or boric acid for cockroaches. If this doesn’t work, consult your landlord to hire an exterminator.

Huge deposits

Some landlords ask for huge deposits hence limiting the options of the tenants. They ask even up to 1 years rent. The deposit is meant to protect the landlord so that they can cover any damages caused by the tenants. This deposit is returned to the tenant upon leaving the premises. Leaving your house the way you found it will guarantee a full deposit return. However some landlords the advantage and force costs that is not true. If this happens to you, you should file a lawsuit.

Unsafe environment

Living as a tenant can portray a sense of insecurity. When you move into your rented house, ensure that all the doors and windows put in place are lockable. If you find fault in any of them, have them replaced before closing the deal. This will make you feel safe.

Rent inflation

In recent years, renting a house especially in the city has become very expensive. Landlord’s increased rent due to high demand without even considering its condition. Tenants often find themselves renting a place that does not match the value for their money. Some tenants who fail to pay are evicted from the property forcefully.

Limited privacy

While you rent your house, you expect to have privacy. However, some landlords are very possessive when it comes to their properties. They will always drop in now and then to check on the condition. This may be annoying, but it is not much you can do since you live under their roof.

Final word Every tenant has faced at least one of these problems. You have probably had to switch houses when you could not deal with your issues. As long as you are a tenant, you cannot avoid the various consequences that will always present themselves.

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