What to expect when closing the first deal as a Real Estate Agent

First times are not always pleasant. This can be a long and stressful process. You will probably have a series of fears as you engage your client in signing the agreement. Anticipating the outcome is even more torturous. If you have put a lot of work in a particular project, you cannot afford to lose it at the closing deal, you will need the buyer and the seller to be contented, and you get paid for your efforts.

Let’s look at your expectations

It can be perfect

Closing a deal smoothly for a first timer agent can help boost their self-esteem hence the possibility of performing better in the next sale. For success, you will need to do research and get enlightened. Take your time to learn about how to talk to clients and help solve their problems, potential damages, and expenses to look out for, property’s current worth, evaluate current housing market and get lessons from those who have done it before you.

You will have been conversant with all the mistakes you are likely to make and how to avoid them. Knowledge is power, and it will help you run a smooth closing process.

It can be profitable

It may seem obvious, but it is not always the case. Sometimes you end up spending too much time on the project, and it leads you towards a loss. If you spend years to make the first deal, there is a chance that the commission you make will not be worth your time. You will have spent much money on fuel costs to, making follow up interviews and telephone costs.

Closing a deal quickly will be profitable for you and will save you money and time. It will also create time for you to concentrate on other equally beneficial projects.

It can be fun, exciting and stressful

The first closing will have lots fun because you will get to learn so many things about the real estate industry. It is also exciting to visit new properties and people all the time. With the right information, this process will be smooth for you.

It can be stressful when you find that all the information you have gathered is not of much help to you. When this happens to you, seek professional advice. It will be less stressful if you have a team on your side. A team will be in a position to help you when you get stuck and in verification of information given by your client.

The thought of helping a homeowner is fulfilling

Closing a deal smoothly and getting your commission is as exciting as thinking of the help you have accorded your client. Empathizing with them will create a long-lasting relationship and a lot of referrals. Also, the look of a satisfied and happy client is humbling.

Lack of empathy leads to lack of trust. This can affect you and your business as a client can even choose to terminate your services if they don’t identify with you.

Final word

Closing a deal depends on your ability to empathize with your clients, research and education as well as the level of professionalism you employ into his process.


Tips that will help you cut down your loses in Real Estate

While you may get profits in many of your deals, it is inevitable to make loses. Loses can be caused by concentrating on one project for a long time or even assuming that you are a professional and end up making mistakes that you did not see coming. It is essential to minimize these losses as much as you can.

So how do you cut down on loss?

Verify your deal with others

Running your deals with other professionals in your field will give them an opportunity to correct you where you are wrong. They will provide you with a valid opinion that will make you correct yourself hence avoiding a mistake and lose as a result.

Establish multiple exit strategies

Relying on one plan to save you from a loss is not wise. Having other alternatives is crucial. An unexpected circumstance can occur and prompt you to look at alternatives. You can prepare a house for listing and the sales drop. If you sense a considerable loss, it would be easier to rent it out and wait for an increase in its value.

Bring in a partner

If you suspect an imminent loss, it would be wise to bring in a partner who will share the risk and loss with you. However, ensure that there are enough profits for both of you t the end of the day.

Keep updated on the current market

The world is a dynamic place, so is the market. Things keep on changing and whatever happens, this year may not happen next year. Keeping yourself informed will help you know what to expect and notify you on market changes. Attending Real Estate short courses every now and them is a great way to tell you about the market trends.

Determining when to walk away

For you to make profits in any business you need to have spent less than what you make in sales. It is important to decide at what point you should let a deal go. When you feel you are offering too much or spending too much, you should probably walk away. This is a lot easier as compared to insisting on pursuing a deal that will only bring you loses.

Stop chasing your money

You may invest some money on a deal that is not doing well. You might be tempted to keep following that deal for fear of losing your money. It would be wise to walk away from such a deal to avoid wasting your time and money trying to salvage a dead deal. Focus on other sales that have the potential to make you some profits.

Wait for appreciation

While this is not the most desirable game plan, it works for some people. Waiting for the market to increase sales prices will make you a highly profitable deal. This can be more lucrative, but it is not very reliable. This is the safest way to avoid making losses.

Final word

While we cannot solely control the real estate market, it is essential to get ready for the irregularities tied to the market.


The two things that will make you get Real Estate Deals Online

Most business owners or investors spend most of their time focused on building websites, checking their pricing or branding their image. This is not wrong because it is essential as well. The only problem with this is that you end up spending most of your precious time on it and miss out on the more straightforward and fulfilling ways of getting the attention of potential clients.

Home for sale

The more straightforward approach towards getting real estate deals online is making sure that your potential customers know who you are, what you offer and making them see that they can trust you completely.

The first principle is getting potential customers to know you exist.

The first thing you should put in mind is that no one trusts you without knowing you. Adopting empathy will enable you to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. Assume you want to sell or buy a property. Perhaps you would go online and search for solutions. Your potential customers would also seek answers from internet sources. You will need to pay for your site to be well ranked on these search engines or Ads on Google for them to see.

You should also contact your previous clients, interview them and try to find out what they did when they were looking for properties to buy/sell. Establish where they looked and where they went to look for solutions. This will help you to put your business on those sites and ensure that you are available in all the places that potential customers will be looking for.

When potential customers find you, tell them what you do and explain to them the process in detail. Give them information on how to contact you and create an opportunity for them to ask any questions.

Secondly, get your potential customers to trust you

 When potential customers believe you, they will call you to go check out their property and make an offer. Most businesses nowadays are focused on sales and getting more listings and forget to build the trust of their potential customers.

You can build trust by putting previous customer’s reviews on your site, having quality and honest answers for your audience and giving them an opportunity to decide if you are right for them. Your website should also include an introductory video of you and your team and describing the services you do. Also, be compassionate and bear with them while answering all their questions.

These two principles work hand in hand. When you ask your previous clients about where they go to sell/buy their properties. They tell you they went to Google. You decide to be on Google, and you even build a website. Customers will know about you through checking your site. Know that they already know you proceed to make sure that they trust you. On your website, you describe your clientele, your processes, answer their questions, make reviews and provide your contact information. Now they will trust and identify with you.

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. Solving a problem is as easy as finding out where people go to find solutions and putting yourself before them to offer these solutions. Giving them the tools to trust you will provide you with an opportunity for them to work with you and grow your business.


The top 7 Renting Woes

If you are a tenant, you can testify that most of the problems that you face are universal. Renting out a place to live comes with various compromises since you are likely to not like one or two things about your apartment/house. Trying to change them can put you in trouble with your landlord/agent.

Here are some of the challenges those tenants’ faces

Noisy neighbors

There is always that neighbour who is annoying. He/she is either still playing loud music or having parties all the time. If you or have pets that tend to be picky sleepers, they will be restless all the time making your life a nightmare. Try talking to the neighbour and get them to listen to your concerns. If this persists, you can purchase a white noise machine to soundproof your house.

Plumbing disasters

When living as a tenant, you have to take care of the plumbing system. You should avoid flushing down diapers, paper towels or feminine products. An unavoidable plumbing emergency is reported to the landlord who is supposed to send someone over to fix the problem. Before contacting the landlord check your contract to ensure if it is his duty or not.

Pest infestation

Pests are likely to hide in your drainage system, kitchen counters or the bed. Regular cleaning will keep the pests away. If you spot pests in your house, you can use some of the do I yourself methods such as using apple cider vinegar on flies or boric acid for cockroaches. If this doesn’t work, consult your landlord to hire an exterminator.

Huge deposits

Some landlords ask for huge deposits hence limiting the options of the tenants. They ask even up to 1 years rent. The deposit is meant to protect the landlord so that they can cover any damages caused by the tenants. This deposit is returned to the tenant upon leaving the premises. Leaving your house the way you found it will guarantee a full deposit return. However some landlords the advantage and force costs that is not true. If this happens to you, you should file a lawsuit.

Unsafe environment

Living as a tenant can portray a sense of insecurity. When you move into your rented house, ensure that all the doors and windows put in place are lockable. If you find fault in any of them, have them replaced before closing the deal. This will make you feel safe.

Rent inflation

In recent years, renting a house especially in the city has become very expensive. Landlord’s increased rent due to high demand without even considering its condition. Tenants often find themselves renting a place that does not match the value for their money. Some tenants who fail to pay are evicted from the property forcefully.

Limited privacy

While you rent your house, you expect to have privacy. However, some landlords are very possessive when it comes to their properties. They will always drop in now and then to check on the condition. This may be annoying, but it is not much you can do since you live under their roof.

Final word Every tenant has faced at least one of these problems. You have probably had to switch houses when you could not deal with your issues. As long as you are a tenant, you cannot avoid the various consequences that will always present themselves.


How to build a home equity

Building home equity can give you an asset that you can use anytime and on anything. This is the most significant benefit of a homeowner. Home equity, therefore, is the difference between your homes market value and what you owe on it. Home equity grows as the price of your home increases.

Here are ways you can build your home equity

Use financial windfalls

If you are that person, who wants to build equity faster, look for other sources of money to increase the mortgage payment. You can use a part of an inheritance you just received, cash gifts, or even bonuses to pay your mortgage.

You can also use overtime money or a salary of one of the partner if you are a couple. This would mean that you will have to cut down on your expenses which can be difficult. However, building home equity and taking advantage of appreciation period makes it more bearable.

Let the value of your home appreciate

In recent years home prices have increased significantly; therefore, homeowners have increased their equity. Depending on the market building equity can take a lot of time or less time. When the value for a house decreases, homeowners also bear the pain of reduced home equity. This happens without any efforts on your part.

Make a large down payment

Making a substantial down payment from the start will make you get instant equity. This will also make you avoid expensive private mortgage insurance. However, this would require waiting for a long time to save up enough to make such a payment. It is risky since you can miss out an appreciation period.

Increase mortgage payment

If you decide to increase payment on your mortgage, ensure the money that you pay goes to the principal and not the interest. Paying cash to your interest will not raise your equity since it applies to the principal amount only. Increasing your payments regularly with an amount that can make significance, making biweekly mortgage payment will ensure that you have an extra monthly payment in a year will reflect on your equity significantly. This will be easier on your budget as well.

Reduce your loan term

If you intend to take a 40 years mortgage plan, reduce that time to 20 years plan. A shorter mortgage repayment plan will mean higher monthly repayments and lower interest rates. You will save on the total interest as compared to the more extended repayment period. This means that you will build equity twice as fast.

Improve your home

If you decide to improve your home with the sole purpose of getting more equity, you should do your research and choose a project that will bring value to your money. Repainting your house or buying appliances may not be significant enough. Improving landscape, updating the kitchen or bathroom will have a higher chance at increasing the value of your money in the market hence increased equity.

Final word

Building equity is a worthwhile journey for you can draw on them with loan or line of credit for huge life expenses. However, it is essential to balance financial life by paying off your debts and preparing for emergencies.


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